Monday 30 March 2020

Question time answer ZK-NEN

Ewan Nichol and P McLeish built the Jodel D.11 ZK-DFM and listed it in mid-1973.
It was sold in mid-1980 with Evan registering his second project - the first Zenair Zenith CH-200 in New Zealand - as ZK-NEN c/n AACA/100/2 on 19-09-1980, with its first flight occuring on 14-12-1980.
Below is a photo of ZK-NEN at Pudding Hill on 25-01-1981 with the second example ZK-ESV in the background (propless).
Ewan sold ZK-NEN to J and C Dickinson of Wellington from 05-08-1991 and we see it at Rangiora below on 19-02-1993.
In March 1994 it moved to Ian W Fletcher of Auckland (replacing his sold PA-28-140 ZK-DOQ) and it had a engine failure on 19-06-1994 and went through a fence near North Shore. (Ian re-purchased ZK-DOQ again in August 2013).
Ownership transferred to Robin Murray out of Hamilton from 26-02-1999.
The next lucky owner was Cliff Bellingham of Pukekohe from April of 2005. Cliff has owned a multitude of aircraft over the years.
It was then listed to Don Howard of'Casa do Planes' north of Rakaia from 30-12-2005
Two views of it at Omarama on 31-12-2007 with covered gun ports in the bare metal starboard leading edge, the large symbolic eagle with its sergeants chevrons on the cowl and small 'A155' on the rudder below the 'Zenith CH-200' name, with a NZ Made label beneath both.
On the port side view below we also have a bare metal leading edge and five gliders, each under a cloud, on the fuselage below the cockpit just below the CPL DON HOWARD USMC name.
There are also at least six fake bullet holes along the fuselage.
Below - It was noted at Rangiora back to bare metal on 21-01-09.
Then we see it below in an all white scheme at Ashburton on 16-01-2010 with 'Watch This Space' on the forward fuselage.
And again at Ashburton below - this time on  05-02-2011 with some colour added and the symbolic eagle back on the engine cowling and 'CPL DON HOWARD   USMC ' now on the lower canopy frame, and a US flag with 'DON' beneath on the top of the rudder.
Same again at Omarama on  08-04-2012 but with what looks like more bullet holes. 
Don owned the Slingsby T.67A glider ZK-GSV from 2004 through to 2017 which is a good enough reason for being parked up at Omarama.
Then I caught it at Rangiora on 27-04-2014.
When I next noted it at Omarama on 09-02-17 it now has a NZ flag on its rudder.
It underwent an ownership change to David Lucas of Kaiapoi on 03-03-2019 and has undergone a serious refurbishment.
Just the other day - 22-03-2020 - it was at Rangiona in a new pseudo military scheme and with 'Razor Back' on the wing tips and with a Campbell Aero Classics label each side forward of the leading edge.

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