Sunday 8 March 2020

North Shore Robin ZK-TZI Today 8-3-2020

A quick swing by North Shore Airfield on my way home today saw some of the North Shore Aero Club aircraft out training, including their newest Robin ZK-TZI2 shown here with ZK-TZK landing in the background.

Robin HR 200-120B ZK-TZI2 (c/n 254) is ex ZK-UWZ and it has had its new registration since 30/7/19.  It forms part of the basic North Shore Aero Club training fleet of identical looking Robin R2120Us ZK-TZG, TZH, TZK and TZL2.

The club also operated R2120U ZK-TZJ but that crashed in the Gammack Range in the South Island in July 2007 and was cancelled in November 2007, and they also operated the first ZK-TZI which was a R2120U model that was withdrawn and cancelled in July 2008.

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