Thursday 14 July 2016

Two newies at Tauranga.

 Hairy Mole Rat shot these two recent addition to our register outside Solo Wings Ltd at Tauranga yesterday (13-07-2016).
 ZK-FSH2 (c/n 1DK015) is a Progressive Aerodyne Sea Rey amphibian.
It joined our register on 27-04-2016 for Craig Vickery of Campbells Bay, Auckland.
It was built in the united States as N93JF and certified to Joseph J Friend of Daytona Beach, Florida on 14-06-1995.
Above we have the unmarked Fly Synthesis Storch S 450 ZK-KAD2 (c/n 359A-415) as listed to Aero Australasia Ltd of Hamilton on 13-04-2016.
This has previously been listed on the Australian Ultrilght Federation register as 24-5068 back on 17-05-2007.

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