Sunday 10 July 2016

Globemaster 53-028 at Christchurch

This pleasing photograph from an unknown source shows the Douglas C124C Globemaster II 53-028 (c/n 44323) parked at Christchurch International Airport.
I would put the date at between late 1962 and perhaps early 1964.
53-028 did three Deepfreeze seasons and ended up at MASDC on 26-05-1969.
MASDC was the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center at Davis-Monthan Field. 
This was renamed AMARC - Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center in 1985 and AMARG in 2007.
In the foreground is the Canterbury Aero Club Auster J5F Aiglet Trainer ZK-BCQ (c/n 3111).
More Antarctic aviation pics nearer month end.


  1. Thanks Dave the Globemaster was a great part of the Deep ,freeze op.s from .CH CH .

  2. My heart skipped a beat as I thought it might have been my Auster BBZ. At least I can say the rudder,fin, horizontal stabilizers and elevators from BCQ are going back in the air!

  3. Marian Sutherland14 April 2018 at 00:47

    Hey there Bazbbz, I flew in ZK-BCQ as a child with my father, Keith Sutherland.Did some trips from Macdonald Downs in North Canterbury where we lived at that time down to visit my grandparents at Greenstone Station, Lake Wakatipu and back.It's great to hear that at least some parts of the original wee plane are going to live on!