Saturday 23 July 2016

Cessna 150H ZK-CXI and ZK-EFC.

The Cessna 150H c/n 15068215 was one of a batch destined for Rex Aviation at Bankstown in 1969. All had US and Australian registrations penciled against then  - but I suspect they were never worn on the aircraft from this group that came to NZ.
This airframe was duly allocated ZK-CXI for Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd on 21-01-1970 and arrived at Auckland by sea on 10-02-1970.
Its first flight was at Ardmore on 04-05-1970 and it was delivered to the Rex Flying School Ltd at Ardmore. It also served at the other branches of this Flying School.
Below we see it at Paraparaumu on a wet 17-01-1971 with 'Paraparaumu' script on its fuselage side.
These were the days of the CAA Calibration  Flight DC-3's, with their Friendships about to arrive, and their Cessna 182's and the Navajo all being based here.
 Below - Also at Paraparaumu but on 21-02-1971.
And below - as seen at Hood Masterton in 1971 from Allan Wooller.
 The Rex Flying School became the Dalhoff and King Flying School Ltd at Ardmore and CXI was listed with them from 24-05-1976.
On 12-11-1976 Wellington Aero Club took it over followed by a move to O M Lund of Wellington at the end of March 1978.
An Allan Wooller pic below shows her at Wellington in 1978.
Winton was its next stop for CXI when it joined the Oreti Air Syndicate from 22-04-1980 which changed to the Smith, Neave, Udy, Vickery and Jones Syndicate from 18-11-1980.
From Mid December of 1982 it was with R F Emslie and D J Lundy of Feilding and Palmerston North.
Below we see it at Fielding on 22-07-1986.
Next in line, from 22-08-1988, the P A Munro and A J O'Rielly Syndicate of Feilding feature until it struck a fence on take off from Apiti on 28-07-1989, with its registration being cancelled on 12-12-1990.
Skyfix Aviation of Masterton sorted it out and it was re-registered to them on 24-05-1991 and then transferred back to Paul Munro of Feilding on 24-07-1991.
It is seen below at Ardmore on 19-03-2000.
Ken Morris and Darryn Morgan of Counties Aviation Ltd of Pukekohe took it over from 29-04-2002 until selling it on to Euroflight International Ltd at Mount Maunganui on 23-01-2006.
Euroflight re-registered it as ZK-EFC2 on 07-02-2006
Mohammad Asaduzzaman of Te Puke became the listed owner from 11-11-2009 and we see it below back on its old hard stand at Tauranga on 22-07-2016 thanks to Grayson Ottaway.
It now carries the script 'Charlie'.

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  1. I've done a few hours in this girl back when Euroflight had her, from memory she backfired when rpm was below 1200 coming on for finals.