Friday 15 July 2016

Mid Week Warbirds at Ardmore 13-7-2016

Ardmore surely is the place to catch up with the occasional warbird, even mid-week if you are fortunate, and last Wednesday didn't disappoint.

The unmistakeable silhouette of Doug Brooker's Spitfire ZK-WDQ on take off.  Doug told me that he tries to give the Spitfire a flight about once a week to keep it on song.

Harvard ZK-WAR was doing some engine runs.  It looked good with its engine shown off to good effect..

And the Avspecs hangar fixture Cessna 150H ZK-CXG has been repainted into this sharp scheme.  But what has this got to do with warbirds I hear you ask!  Well, I included this because of what is tantalisingly in the hangar behind that must not be posted.  I was told that it is still on track for a first flight at the end of August.

Finally, at Pioneer Aero the Airacobra is making steady progress.  Talk about interesting aircraft!


  1. Lots of other shots around the net of the "not to be posted" item Sir Minty!
    I hear the Texan-bound example is on hold due to "personal circumstances".

  2. Yes I know, but if you are asked not to post photos then I will respect that. The Mosquito still looks about the same except I did note that the canopy looked a bit more complete. Lots of work was going on inside the fuselage and cowlings were being worked on. No doubt we will see it outside where no doubt lots of photos will be taken and posted. My only problem is that I will be away for a week at the end of August! Aargh!