Wednesday 6 July 2016

AT Christchurch this day.

An early afternoon visitation to the Western Grass area of Christchurch International Airport found these four flying machines - nothing new for these pages alas.
The Piper PA-28-160 Cherokee B ZK-CWS (c/n 28-1113) was on the tie downs today.
a classic from 1963 and ex ZK-BYT.
It carries the script 'Owned and operated by Knights Point Air Ltd' just forward and above the wing leading edge, and also this logo.

 See earlier post :-
The MD 500N NOTAR ZK-IGA (c/n LN078) is back with CVI Aviation Ltd of Christchurch
IGA has had several previous postings.
Hughes 369E ZK-INM is c/n 0528E and is listed with Mount View Developments Ltd.
It was briefly mentioned previously at :-
Beckenham Hills Ltd operate this Helio H-250 Courier II ZK-TCE (c/n 2503) from their patch south of Cheviot.
Several previous posts on TCE can be found by doing a search.

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