Monday 18 July 2016

Progressive Aerodyne Searey ZK-SRY at North Shore

Continuing with my theme of progressive Aerodyne Seareys.  Back on a lovely day in April, I was at North Shore airfield when the locally based Searey ZK-SRY took flight.  The following photos show some different views of the Searey.

On climb out with the wheels up and cockpit doors open.

On approach.


And further along the landing roll.

That's all for Seareys for the time being.  It would be great to get some water shots sometime.


  1. Just took the 172 from Pukekohe for a quick local. Spotted a similar looking aircraft looking pretty derelict in a paddock near the exit off the Southern Motorway toward Tauranga/Thames.

  2. Hi Ginga Kiwi - I was advised of the existence of an amateur built amphibian at the end of O'Leary Rd on the WONZ site but I couldn't see/find it on Google Maps. Can you supply any more details of it?