Tuesday 12 July 2016

Lunch at Taupo

Above we have the line up of the Tauranga gang parked up at Taupo for todays lunch break.
All have been mentioned on these pages previously.
Nearest is the Quickie Q200 ZK-FWF (c/n AACA/646) of Tacan NZ Ltd as navigated by Grayson Ottaway - who supplied the photograph.
Next in line is the L M Harris CASH Aviation Model 3 ZK-LHC (c/n 003) as built up by Harry Harris.
Then there is the Pazmany PL2 ZK-TLP (c/n AACA/247) of Trevor Parker.
Next is the Steven Carr Vans RV7A ZK-ECE2 (c/n 73638).
At the far end are the Pulsar ZK-KFC and the Tecnam ZK-WBF.

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