Thursday 14 July 2016

The Tecnam Hangar at Ardmore 13-7-2016

A trip to Ardmore yesterday with No 2 grandson (who is the one who is most interested in aircraft and is a member of the No 1 ATC Squadron in Wellington), turned out well when the Tecnam Hangar was open.

Piper J3 Cub ZK-YLO (c/n 19046) had just been pushed back into the hangar but the owner graciously pushed it back out again for a photo.  It is in pristine condition and even has white quilted cabin lining!  It is owned by Ardmore Aviation Services Ltd with a Hong Kong address.  Said grandson is in the background trying to get out of the photo.

Carbon Cub floatplane N47MV is being hangared in the Tecnam hangar for a few months while maintenance is completed on the superyacht M5 which is currently at Westhaven marina.  It will be interesting to see if it is flown back to the superyacht.  I have posted details of the aircraft and the M5 at (and there is another link you can go back to).

And another Falco will be registered soon as this aircraft is well advanced.  Giovanni Nustrini told me that there is another Falco being worked on in another hangar.

Thanks to Giovanni for allowing the photos.  And just as we left, the hangar was being shut up agin.

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