Thursday 9 July 2015


I was wandering around at the Ferrymead Heritage Park in Christchurch last Sunday and came across a couple of framed aircraft photographs hanging on a wall.
De Havilland DH60G Moth ZK-AAW was c/n 1197.
It was issued with a UK CofA on 12-10-1929 and was then shipped out to New Zealand.
It appears to have been allocated the ZK-AAW registration on 13-01-1930 and had a Certificate of Registration as a Government gift aircraft for the Canterbury Aero Club.
It was first flow in NZ on 01-02-1930 by the Clubs first instructor Bert Mercer.
It was damaged when it landed short at Waiho on 12-04-1934 and was repaired with a new fuselage and re-flew again 05-06-1934.
After having flown 1000 hours it was officially handed to the Canterbury Club on 22-03-1935.
It suffered another accident on 13-07-1935 at Ohoka. 
Its final demise took place next to the Waitaki Boys High School at Oamaru when it struck a fence on take off on 07-12-1936 and was written off.

Below are two more views that I found on the Net.

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