Saturday 25 July 2015

And More from Wellington 23-7-2015

While in Wellington I did manage an hour in my new favourite photography spot (after that the windchill drove me indoors).  A couple of ZKs left for Oz and I also caught up with the last A 320 with sharklets that I had been missing.

Air New Zealand Airbus A 320-232 ZK-OJK (c/n 2445) of the international fleet departed.

As did Qantas Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQE. (c/n 34185)

Then Airbus A 320-232 ZK-OXE (c/n 5993) arrived.  These new Airbus's of the domestic Air New Zealand fleet have higher MAUW's than the original domestic models ( and it is more than the extra weight of the sharklets!).  I have previously posted photos of ZK-OXA to OXD and ZK-OXF to OXI.  I guess that Air New Zealand must be due for another new A 320 sometime soon.


  1. OXJ is on its way and OXK has had test flights! Where were you standing to get these?

  2. Minicooper - send me your emai address to Ta

  3. All domestic A320s have the same operating weight limitations. (MTOW 71,500kgs, MLW 66,000kgs, MZFW 62,500kgs).

  4. Anonymous - I took my info from the CAA register. For example ZK-OAB (domestic A 320) has a MCTOW of 71,500 Kg and ZK-OJK (international A 320) has a MCTOW of 77,000 Kg. But the latest sharklet aircraft ZK-OXA - OXI have a MCTOW of 76,999 Kg.