Friday 24 July 2015

A couple from Ardmore this morning.

Magnaman spotted these two movements at Ardmore this morning (24-07-2015).
David Horton had his Murphy Rebel ZK-DKZ2 (c/n 724R) outside its hangar.

Below is what the NZ Aviation News Mag said about this aircraft back in 2008.

"Being co-owner of the Cub ZK-BKV, the covering of which was nearing the end of its use by date, David Horton started looking for a “metal Cub” that would fly a little faster.
Choice was finalized after seeing Graeme Weck’s Rebel ZK-WEK at Matamata. 
The kit arrived in August 2002 and by following the excellent manuals, by the time I reached page 6 of chapter 26 (and with the help of Graeme Weck and Brian Wigley) I had a new aircraft. 
David has had his pilot’s licence since 1973 and has had an interest in many aircraft, including Cessna 172 ZK-DAZ, DKH, DRT, EKF, and JAZ; Cessna 206 EJE, Cub BKV and the Tecnam P92S Echo ZK-PAB2
This Murphy Rebel has a Dynon instrument panel and as ZK-DKZ2 uses David's two initials (DK) - plus the complete registration is a palindrome. " 
The Cessna 208B Caravan ZK-SDB (c/n 208B2089) was being prepared for flight.
This Caravan first appeared on the US register on 30-01-2009 as N988BA before moving up to Nome Alaska for Bering Air Inc.
It ferried into Auckland on 13-07-2015 and was officially listed as ZK-SDB on the 21st to Great Barrier Airlines Ltd.

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