Saturday 25 July 2015

Big tires brigade.

About half of the Rangiora based STOL big tire boys went flying this morning.

 The one that started the craze was the Zenair CH701 STOL ZK-LSB (c/n 6089) built locally by Stew Bufton.
Two other 701's also went out into tiger country.
ZK-TIA is c/n 7-4514 which was imported from the States by Chris Anderson late last year.
 You may recognise it from the Mad Bastards competition at Omaka earlier in the year - oops ! that should read Healthy Bastards.
 ZK-JUG (c/n 7-6067) also took part in the mornings exercise. This was imported by Deane Philip back in late 2012.
 Then there was the ICP Savannah XL ZK-MHG (c/n 092-51-809) of Michael Glen;

And Matt Dowdall, with his smaller wheeled, Aeroprakt A-22 ZK-MYD2 (c/n 079) who is also a keen outlander. 
This aircraft was originally ZK-PGC back in 2004 but Matt changed it to ZK-MYD in July of 2011.

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