Friday 3 July 2015


Jean210 sent in these two GA200 photographs some weeks ago and I have been sitting on them until now -awaiting a change to take place.

Gippsland GA200C ZK-RMU is c/n 200C0042 and started its NZ career from 30-10-2010-2000 as ZK-RMW2 with Rural Air Services (1968) Ltd at Feilding. They re-registered it as ZK-RMU on 1 -11-2007.
It was transferred to Murray Hargreaves Ltd at Maungaturoto on 24-11-2009 and was seen above at its base by Jean210 on 09-12-2013.
 Early in June of 2014 ZK-DMC2 arrived on site, and ZK-RMU moved out and was re-listed to Central AgAir Ltd of Oturehua on 30-06-2014
Gippsland GA200 ZK-DMC2 (c/n 2009618) came to NZ in late 1996 and has had its share of operators. 
In June 2014 Ravensdown Aerowork Ltd of Wanganui sent it up to M Hargreaves Ltd at Maungaturoto where it replaced ZK- RMU. 
It is seen above on 04-03-2015 at Dargaville. Another fine Jean 210 shot.
It was returned to Ravensdown Aerowork Ltd from 17-06-2015.
As from 06-05-2015 Fletcher ZK-DEQ was listed with M Hargreaves Ltd of Maungaturoto filling the gap left with  the departure of the GA200 ZK-DMC.
Jean210 sent this pic to us back in February of 2012 of the then Kaitaia Based Fletcher FU24-950 ZK-DEQ (c/n 166) sitting on the Murray Hargreaves (Aerial Work Mid North and Go North) strip on State Highway 12 West of Maungaturoto on 05-02-2012.
This one started life with James Aviation from 28-01-1971. 

It was withdrawn from use on 07-07-1983 and stored, with ownership passing to Fieldair Holdings in May of 1984.
Returned to service in 1995 and transferred to Far North Air Ltd of Kaitaia on 25-07-1997 and then to Far North Air (2004) Ltd of Kaitaia on 10-06-2004.

If you are lucky you may also find the Cessna 172E ZK-FNT and the U206 ZK-JCB on this strip. And nearer Town the 500's ZK-HSC and ZK-INO of Ralph Schultz.


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