Sunday 12 July 2015

Cessna 150G ZK-PHS

With thanks to David Wise in the UK (website we share this little gem.

Cessna 150G ZK-KYL came onto the NZ register on 31 July 2006 after some 40 years in the USA. It was soon with Euroflight International who re-registered it as ZK-EFG on 06 December 2006. In October 2008 it was sold to Gerrit Snel of Tauranga who re-registered it as ZK-PHS and named it "De Vliegende Hollander" aka The Flying Dutchman.

ZK-PHS was cancelled from NZ register in March this year as exported. Thanks to David Wise we are informed it had left NZ by container and arrived at Teuge Airport, Holland in March 2014, when its ex-pat Dutch owner returned home. It had been operating in NZ in classic KLM-style titles and fin markings. Also during its time in NZ it registration was applied without a nationality prefix, as seen in the photo linked HERE.
The owner continued to operate the aircraft in Holland on the NZ register until its next CofA was due, and so it had the ZK prefix applied as seen in the photo HERE.

In March 2015 it was re-registered PH-PHS and has recently been listed for sale:

A short video clip of this well traveled Cessna arriving at Teuge.

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