Friday 31 July 2015

Yet more from WLG from Bargeldo1 on 30-07-2015

 Absolutely Positively Wellington.
You can just see the wind waiting to pounce.
Two of the Wellington Aero Clubs Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawks were out to play.
ZK-ESG is c/n 38-79A0379 has been with the Club since early 2011 - It is still in its basic ex Canterbury Aero Club scheme.
And ZK-TAW is c/n 38-78A0716 returned to the Club in January 2012 having had three previous spells there; and also a stint with the Wellington Flying Centre back in 2005 under its old ZK-JFD letters.
 Virgin Australia's Boeing 737-8FE VH-VOY (c/n 33996) is ex ZK-PBD and now carries the name "Brighton Beach".
 Below is the QANTAS tin pigeon (or should that be pidgeon ?) Boeing 737-838 ZK-ZQF (c/n 34204) "Abel Tasman". It has been with us since February of 2011.
Thanks to Bargeldo1 for the fine pics from a fine Wellington.


  1. Yawn! How boring!

  2. You got something better to offer then ?

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  4. The Tomahawks are looking great after all these years.
    You can only imagine how many times over they have paid for themselves and staff wages etc.
    Perhaps there are guys here that have never actually invested in an aeroplane themselves.