Thursday 9 July 2015

Spitfire TE288

This first photograph was taken by Norm Huggins when he worked at Harewood and came to me via a third party. Date of photo is unknown

Spitfire  Mk XVIe TE288 outside the NAC hangar at Christchurch many years back.
(So obviously pre late 1978)
(My guess is pre mounting on the pole - so about 1964)
Then a view of it on its pole at the Brevet Club near to Christchurch Airport.
Not being a NZ civil aircraft I will not bore you to death with its history.
For a more in depth look at this aircraft see :-

Below is a shot of the plastic replica after the arson event. ..
Below we see the real TE288 as seen at Wigram a couple of days ago.
 Below is part of the blurb that goes with the display.

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