Saturday 18 July 2015

Tornado Victim at Ardmore 18-7-15

Jabiru J230 UL ZK-DIZ msn 643 registered to a Tauranga address seen flipped over at Ardmore early this afternoon.This was a victim of a mini tornado that struck Ardmore this morning during a severe weather burst over the Auckland region and other areas of the country. Other media has shown a photo of Cessna 162 Skycatcher ZK-AMN and Cessna 172N ZK-JAZ flipped over outside the Auckland Aero Club which owns both of these aircraft. The photo appears to show AMN possibly at rest on another Cessna 162. There was no sign of these aircraft this afternoon. A drive around Ardmore showed no visible damage to any buildings and no other aircraft appeared to have been damaged that I saw. However another news organization has reported that 6 aircraft suffered damage.The only apparent damage was to trees near the Auckland Aero Club.

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  1. How sad for DIZ. I knew the builder well (he is now deceased ) and carried out the test flying of his immaculate product.