Tuesday 21 July 2015

Fisher Horizons of New Zealand

The next type of aircraft to be registered in New Zealand was the Fisher Horizon, the first of which, ZK-JAH, was registered to Geoffrey A Taylor of Hastings way back on 21/4/92.  However this aircraft was not completed and the registration was cancelled on 8/4/03.  Our first completed Fisher Horizon was registered in July 1999.

The Horizon comes in Mark 1 and Mark 2 models - the Mark 1 was inspired by the Champion Citabria and the Mark 2 was inspired by the Cessna Bird Dog.  Both are two seaters with empty weights around 520 to 570 pounds and MAUWs of 1,050 pounds (476 Kg) and powered by engines of around 65 HP (or up to 115 HP for the Mark 2).  Length is 18 feet 8 inches, wingspan is 25 feet 3 inches or 26 feet and wing area is 113 square feet.

Apart from ZK-JAH we have had three Fisher Horizons in New Zealand as follows:

ZK-PDW (c/n HORZ 2 1989) is a Horizon 2 that was built by Peter D Warner of Waipukurau and was first registered on 1/7/99.  It has a Subaru EA81 engine.  On 12/1/04 it was sold to RA Anderson of Waipukurau who sold it to SJW Adams of Rangiora on 15/8/05.  Unfortunately it was damaged on delivery to Christchurch when its trailer flipped.  It was repaired by Evan Belworthy.  It was sold to RJ Bungard of Outram.  It suffered engine failure on approach to Rangiora on 21/11/08 but was not damaged, and it is still current.  The above photo was taken at Rangiora on 19/4/09.  Most recently it was sold to RM Christopher of Hokitika on 16/2/15.

ZK-LAC (c/n 154) is a Horizon 1 that was built by Laurence A Chrystall of Ngaruawahia and was first registered on 31/11/00.  Its first flight was at Te Kowhai on 28/2/01.  The above photo was taken at Te Kowhai in 2003.  On 11/8/06 it was sold to JR James of Palmerston North and fianlly on 1/12/07 to PC West of Whangamata with whom it is stiill current.

ZK-JQM (c/n AH0025) is a Horizon 2 that was built by John E Lindner of Geraldine and was first registered on 29/4/05.  It originally had a Subaru EA 81 engine but this has been replaced by a Rotax 912.  The above photo was taken on 18/12/11 at Russel Brodie's Rangitata Island airstrip.  On 11/2/03 it was sold to FP Reinecke of Ohauiti, Tauranga.  It is also still current.

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