Friday 3 July 2015

Canterbury Gliding Clubs latest.

 The Canterbury Gliding Clubs latest addition is this Aerospool Dynamic WT9 Turbo ZK-DYTug c/n DY502/2014 from Drake Aviation. It is seen above at Rangiora today doing Club tow pilot conversion to type.
This replaces their olde Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee ZK-CNG which (among other things) is in need of a rebag, an engine overhaul and tailplane modifications. It is now in the hands of Bruce Drake of Fernside.
Pic below shows the Pawnee ZK-CNG out to pasture at the Canterbury Gliding Clubs field at  Springfield - Russell Flat on 19-10-2013. It  has been with the CGC since 1974.
Its duties being taken over by other leased tow planes.
 A "replacement" was acquired on 16-09-2014 in the shape of the Microlight Class 2 Aeropro EuroFox 3K Microlight Class 2 ZK-TUG2 (c/n 382130). 
This is currently listed for sale.
Pic below was nicked from the Club Facebook page.
Also reasonably new to the CGC (as from 14-04-2015) is the Glasflugel Syandard Libelle ZK-GGK "Shrek" c/n 76.
Pic below was taken at Omarama back on 02-01-2010.

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