Monday 27 February 2012

Recent Rangitata Island activities

Russell Brodie from Rangitata Island has kindly sent in the following photographs of some of the recent visitors to his airstrip. The first three being taken on 17-02-2012.
One not often seen about the countryside is Peter and Anne Presland's Cessna U206F Stationair 11 ZK-DWV (c/n U206F-02585). This 206 was imported by Rex Aviation in mid 1975 for the Tauranga Aero Club. It had an encounter with the Tauranga Harbour in March of 1977. R J Auger of Dunedin sorted it wqith ownership passing to him on 28-04-1978. By mid December it had transferred to Peter and Anne Presland of Minaret Station on the western shore of Lake Wanaka. Apart from a few months with the Wakatipu Aero Club and Queenstown Air it has been with the Presland's ever since.
Above is the O-235 powered Murphy Rebel ZK-FMR2 (c/n 565R). This was built by Laurence Farmer and sold to Trevor Davies of Fairlie in July of 1979.
Above is the Rans S-6ES Coyote 11 ZK-WAL2 (c/n 02991305) in its new clothes. She is now " flagship " for the Otago Aero Club and the team are raving about it and having lots of fun. It has come back nicely after its late 2008 incident.
Blue and Gold = Otago colours.

Following are a few photos taken yesterday (26-02-2012) at a gathering of "aerobatists" ( maybe a new word !! ). A great day with lots of aerobatics, pilot talk and cups of coffee.

Below is the well known Ivan Krippner owned Bushby MM1 Midget Mustang ZK-DDC (c/n AACA/107). This was built by Jack Reeves and first appeared on the register on 24-07-1975. It was purchased by Ivan on 06-08-1991
The Reims/Cessna FRA150L T/D ZK-FWW (c/n FRA150L-0122) was a Stan and Gilly Smith import from Singapore in 1991. Not too sure when the wheels were turned around. It is now with Glenn Armstrong and Rangiora based. That will be Brent Thompson of propellor fame cluttering the pic.
Good to see the Jerry Savage Aero Design Pulsar XP ZK-MIV (c/n 294) out and about. It only flew for the first time at NZRT on 28-10-2011.
Last and seriously serious is the Yakovlev 55M ZK-YKV (c/n 920402) of 55M NZ Ltd. This is currently Ashburton based. Built in 1992 it came to NZ via the USA for Nick Pilbrow in March 2008 and was syndicated in June of that year.

Mark on your calendar the Rangitata Island Autumn Fly - In on Sunday March 18.
As always - everyone is welcome. Hope you can make it.

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