Saturday 25 February 2012

Four from NZRT this afternoon 25-02-2012

Bargeld01 made the pilgrimage out to Rangiora this afternoon and caught four of the locals out to play.
Below is the Piper PA-18-150 ZK-BNX (c/n 18-5453) of the BNX Syndicate. This Cub did ten years with Central Aviation in the Ag role before going to private interests in 1967. It later joined the Otago Gliding Club in February of 1981 but was sold in 1983 when the Club went to a motorised glider.
Rangiora Sailplanes took it up and then passed it on to the BNX Syndicate on 20-12-2000. In the back window is a for sale sign.
The Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HYR3 (c/n 2336) was imported from Germany by Eddie Schenk of Temuka in 2008. He sold it to James Lilley of Ashburton mid August of 2010.
The CRAC (Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club) Rans S6-ES Coyote 11 ZK-JOL2  (c/n 08031519-1203ES) is clattering back to the Club hangar.
Below we have the Rodger Ward Titan Tornado 11 ZK-LOT (c/n D97912COHK0259). This has been flying since July of 2007. It now has a three bladed prop.

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