Sunday 5 February 2012

Omaka report # 3

Third and final batch from Andy H consists of the LMA-1-W (J-3 Kitten) ZK-LWP (c/n 1021) as built by Larry W Pattersonof Picton (using his initials as its registration). Built from plans and powereed by a 2100cc Revmaster engine. It was first flown on 06-05-2007 at Omaka
Cessna 172K ZK-PAM (c/n 172K-58484) began its career in Pago Pago in American Samoa in 1969 and crossed the Date Line to Samoa in 1972 (I think). By February 1983 it was in Auckland and became ZK-PAM on 07-03-1983. By mid 1989 it was registered to the Marlborough Gliding Club at Omaka until being transferred to the Marlborough Aero Club in December of 2002. It is still used as the glider tug.
Out braving the elements for a brief flight was the Flug Werk FW190 A8/N ZK-RFR (c/n 990001).
This was the prototype new build Flug Werk FW190 which was listed on the German register as D-FWWC on 23-12-1996 and first flew on 22-07-2004. It is now with the Chariots of Fire Collection at blenheim.

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