Sunday 5 February 2012

Omaka report # 2

Continuing Andy H's photographic Omaka report we have the Titan Tornado 11 ZK-JHJ (c/n D95582COHKO192). This came on our register with the Van Bennekom Verdonk Syndicate of Rotorua on 20-02-1997. Its registration was revoked on 03-05-2001 and it was sold during December that year. It was re-listed to Andrew Carter of Murupara on 02-08-2007 with different c/n of D95582COHK6192 and a Rotax 618 engine in lieu of the original Rotax 582. (I would have thought the c/n would become D95618etc !). It caries a "618" decal on the fuselage. It was listed for sale on Trade Me in June of 2009 with ownership changing on 22-12-2009 to Tomino Cacciamani of Havelock.
Above is the Sigma-4 ZK-JRN (c/n 10) of Mike Gray of Blenheim now carrying "Crip Air" signage. I like your sense of humour there Michael.
One of Andrew Fairfax's flying machines is this SpezioDAL-1 Tuholer ZK-JRZ (c/n 227). This originated in the US in about 1967 and came to NZ to be listed here on 15-09-2003.
The Classic Aircraft Sales Ltd's of Blenheim, Boeing Stearman A75N1 ZK-KJO (c/n  75-2100) was built for the US military around 1941. Post war it was on the US civil register until being purchased by Graham Orphan in about August of 2009. It came onto the NZ register on 05-05-2011. The "529" numbers being the last three of its US registration of N52529.

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