Saturday 25 February 2012

Loburn Abbey flyin today 25-02-2012

Allan Bowman reports from the flyin at Loburn Abbey this afternoon.
The Allan and Evan Belworthy Jodel D.9 UL ZK-CVN c/n AACA/54 popped up from Cust. This was first registered as far back as 06-10-1967, but did not fly until 02-12-1981 and was purchased by the present owners on 13-05-1985.
This Fiesler Storch Replica - Actually a Ragwing Aero Storch Single Seat - ZK-RWB with the c/n RW19 was built by Wayne Wilson and first flew from Rangiora on 04-07-2004 powered by a Subaru EA81 engine via a 2.2:1 reduction drive to an Ivo three bladed propeller.
Wayne sold it to Ivan Campbell on 08-03-2010 and it has since been re-engined with a Rotec R2800 radial engine and fitted with a Brent Thompson propeller.
For more on this see
Below we have Bob Jarman's Socata TB20 Trinidad ZK-CCA2 (c/n 473). This operated as ZK-JCC between July 1991 and September of 2000.
Finally we have a look at the powerhouse of Evan and Penny R Belworthy's Pietenpol Air Camper M/L ZK-PRB (c/n AACA/755). First flown in December of 1988.
FYI. The Loburn Abbey strip is sited at 43:14.1 South and 172:29.39 East.
Prior permission required before arriving.

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