Tuesday 7 February 2012

Anonymous request for ZK-CBC

Fletcher Fu24 ZK-CBC (c/n 83) was registered to Air Parts (NZ) Ltd on 21- 09-1961 and first flew on 29-06-1962 for delivery to Aircraft Services (NZ) Ltd of Auckland on 02-07-1962 with a 260hp motor.
It went to James Aviation Ltd at Hamilton on 01-02-1968 and was re-engined with a 300hp motor from 18-10-1968.
The two photos above were taken at Tauranga on 13-12-1968.
This lower photograph was taken at Tauranga on 26-09-1972.
It ferried out of Auckland on 30-07-1975 bound for Pakistan where it became AP-AZG with Agro Aviators, Pakistan Ltd.


  1. "Agro" Aviators? All the pilots I know are calm and relaxed.

    Oh hang on a sec...

  2. Thanks for that. I can totter off down memory lane now.