Monday 20 February 2012

Ardmore Bells

First time noted outside the Oceania hanger was the Agusta-Bell AB206 (JetRanger) ZK-HMU.  This Italian example was one of thirteen constructed for the Austrian Air Force from 1969, its previous markings of 3C-JA still displayed on the side.   They were withdrawn from service in 2009 and this machine was first noted at Ardmore in October 2011.   It became ZK-HMU/4 with Helicopter Flight Training of Ardmore on 20 January.
MRC photo
And following on from a couple of previous posts, two nicer shots of the stunning Bell 427 ZK-IRP carrying out a hover taxi adjacent to Airwork where it was reassembled.   Oddly, the 427 is registered to Hawker Pacific who are on the opposite side of the airfield!  It is destined to join the North Shore Helicopters stable at North Shore/Dairy Flat.

MRC photos

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