Wednesday 29 February 2012

Ardmore 29 February 2012

A couple of snaps from Ardmore today:

Cessna TU206F ZK-CRW was registered to Auckland Skydivers (Inc) in January 2009 and it has been at Ardmore for a few weeks now.  Also at Ardmore (not pictured) is another skydive ship, Cessna TU206A ZK-DAS.

The fuselage of Murphy Rebel ZK-ERX has been evident at Ardmore for 12+ months now but today was the first time I've noted it assembled and with its registration displayed.

Eurocopter EC120B ZK-HMY/2 arrived at Ardmore from the east and spent some time in the circuit.  It is registered to Advanced Flight.

Great Barrier Airlines Britten Norman BN2A MK.III-2 ZK-LGF was visiting Hawker Pacific.

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