Monday 13 February 2012

Plethora of Types of Sport Aircraft at NSAC/NMC Flyin North Shore

One thing I am struck with at sport aircraft gatherings is the number of different types of aircraft that attend.

This photo over the aircraft at the North Shore Aero Club/ Northern Microlight Club flyin at North Shore at the weekend shows 15 types of 2 seat sport aircraft: Pulsar, Dyn Aero MCR-01, Slingsby Firefly, Zenith CH 701, Fly Synthesis Texan, Sirius TL 3000, Technam P 2008, Flight Design CTLS, Challenger, Harmon Rocket, Skyline Cruiser, Avid Flyer, LMA LM-5X-W, Wild Thing and CZAW Sportcruiser. (And also an Australian registered Cirrus SR 20).

Add in 6 other types around the corner: Zephyr, Sonex, Technam P 2002, Cli-mate Cli-mate (think Foxcon Terrier), Zenith CH 601 and Fly Synthesis Storch and that is 21 different aircraft of 21 different types!

(In the distance you can see some of the vintage aircraft types: another 10 types but there were 3 Tiger Moths).

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