Sunday 26 February 2012

And even more from Rangiora. Sunday 26-02-2012

Three more from Allan Bowman, taken this day - Sunday 26-02-2012 - at Rangiora.
Above we have the Les Eade Rans S-6ES Coyote 11 ZK-LVE (c/n 05051662ES). Evan Belworthy has done the test flying and is seen here is in the right hand seat checking Les out.
Two Titan T51 Mustangs in for fuel. The nearest one "Hurry Home Honey" is ZK-MPC (c/n M05XXXS0HK0062), which is Marty Cantlon's machine from Tauranga. This is 3.5l Honda powered whilst "Loburn Lady" ZK-MSY (c/n 0035) is the Ivan Campbell example from Loburn Abbey.
[I would guess that the full c/n could read something like M04914S0HK0035].

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