Friday 10 February 2012

Identity TBA!

Spotted at Airwork's Ardmore facility 10 February was this very smart, anonymous Bell 427 with no markings what-so-ever.   Airwork have Bell 427 ZK-HVN registered to one of their associate operations, Helilink, and Hawker Pacific registered the second Bell 427 in the country ZK-IRP at the beginning of January however this has not yet been sighted.
MRC photo


  1. There appears to be a very similar painted one in Taupo, No rotor etc with an old Japanese rego.

  2. Hello there anonymous.
    The Taupo one you mention is probably Bell 222 JA9568 c/n 47074 which was allocated ZK-HZD/2 but never made it.

    See earlier blog at:-