Wednesday 30 June 2021

ZK-NAC the third.

 Cessna 172P Skyhawk II c/n 75232 N3400H ferried into Auckland from Pago Pago on the 11th of May 1982 - I don't imagine a lot of 172's have done that.
After NZ certification it was registered here as ZK-EXE on the 17th of May to Motor Holdings (Aviation) Ltd at Ardmore and went on their flight line.

Above we look down on it from the control tower at Invercargill on 28-02-1984.

It was sold on to A M Clarke of Dunedin from 24 April 1985 but was damaged on landing at Queenstown on 3rd October 1988.
The damaged aircraft was taken to Drake Aviation Ltd at Christchurch International Airport.

Photo above of ZK-EXE at Christchurch following assessment for rebuild on 14-10-1988.

Its registration was cancelled on 15 May 1989 and was taken on by Drake Aviation Ltd as a rebuild project.

Photo below shows it at Christchurch on 30-03-1989 with replacement central fuselage with one of ZK-EXE's original doors and engine installed.

It was rebuilt using parks from the the imported Cessna F172P Skyhawk II ex F-ODUF which had been damaged in New Caledonia.
F-ODUF was basically built on the Cessna production line in Wichita, Kansas with their c/n of 76589 and allocated the US registration of N9608L but this was not taken up. 
The airframe was sent to France for completion on the Reims/Cessna line using their c/n F17202246. 
It was listed with Cercle Aeronautique de Tahiti on the 4th September 1986. 
All these came together and I believe first flew on 22nd June 1989.

Photo above shows the 'new' ZK-EXE outside the Drake Flying School facility on 30-06-1989 a week after its first flight following rebuild.

ZK-EXE was re-registered on 14 September 1989 still listed with A M Clarke, now of Fendalton, Christchurch. and went on lease to the Air New Zealand Flying Club at Christchurch International. Ownership eventually passed to the Air New Zealand Flying Club from the 14th April 1994.
On 18th May 2020 the ANZ Flying Club (now Rangiora based) re-registered their Cessna 172RG Cutlass II ZK-NAC2 as ZK-NBC2 and this is currently under heavy maintenance at Rangiora.
The ZK-NAC registration was then re-issued to ZK-EXE on the same date making it ZK-NAC3.

Photo below show it as ZK-NAC3 refueling at Rangiora on 14-06-2020.

And above at Paraparaumu on 11-05-2021 by Tim Gorman.


The first allocation of the ZK-NAC went to the first Boeing 737 for NZNAC. 
It transferred to Air New Zealand name from 01-12-1978.
This was a 737-219 with the c/n of 19929 which arrived in Wellington on 18-09-1968. Its NZ registration was cancelled on 22-04-1986 and became N321XV and served with numerous operators until being broken up at Mojave in August 1992.
Photo below of ZK-NAC1 at Christchurch on 13-03-1984.

The second allocation of the ZK-NAC registration ; ZK-NACwas allocated to the Cessna 172RG Cutlass II c/n 172RG-0620 which had spent eleven and a half years in Australia as VH-TNU before arriving in Auckland on 11-04-1993 to become ZK-NAC2 with the Air New Zealand Sport and Social Club Southern Inc of Christchurch from 01-06-1993. 
Title changed to the Air New Zealand Flying Club on 19-07-2019.

It is seen below at Rangiora on 04-02-2016.
As mentioned above this was re-registered as ZK-NBC2 on 18-05-2020 - marks previously worn on an ANZ Boeing 767 between September 1986 and its sale offshore in May of 2005.

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  1. The rego's were changed around as the RG is for sale and the club wanted to keep the NAC rego on a club aircraft.