Saturday 12 June 2021

JetRanger ZK-HYH at Dargaville today

 Noted today, Saturday 12th June 2021, at Dargaville by Thunderbird5 was the Bell 206B JetRanger III ZK-HYH2 ( c/n 3290) as listed with JR HYH Ltd of Takanini since December of 2015.

Listed back in April of 1981 briefly as N2041Y with Bell Helicopter Textron before becoming JA9290 on 12 May 1981.
It arrived in NZ and became ZK-HGS2 with Wing and Rotor Aviation Ltd on 17 July 1992 and went to Marlborough Helicopters (1981) Ltd at Omaka from 19 April of 1993. 
They re-registered it ten days later as ZK-HYH2.
It was listed to Hawker Pacific NZ Ltd of Papakura from 09 June 2004 and onsold to Revo Industries Ltd of Takapuna on 13 December 2004.
The next change shows it with JR HYH Ltd Ardmore Helicopters from 05 May 2006 and then solely with Ardmore Helicopters from 14 August 2006. From 01 December 2015 it was back, solely, with J R HYH Ltd Ltd of Takanini. 

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