Saturday 12 June 2021

Gone to warmer climes. ZK-OJF

Airbus A320-232 c/n 2153 first flew from Toulouse in France as F-WWIS on 05-12-2003. 
It was then delivered to Hamburg for fitting out. It was sold to Lombard on 05-02-2004 and handed over to Air New Zealand on lease the same day.
Delivery flight to New Zealand was from Toulouse to Gander and Denver on 05-02-2004, to Los Angeles on the 6th and Honolulu on the 8th. On to Apia and Auckland the next day with it becoming ZK-OJF to Air New Zealand also on the 9th.
Its first revenue earning flight was from Auckland to Sydney on 12-02-2004.
It went on a sub-lease to Zeal 320 Ltd, trading as Freedom Air International and remaining in its ANZ scheme, from 21-06-2006 until being returned to ANZ on 26-11-2008. 

Photo above at Christchurch on 19-03-2015.

Its final revenue service was from Auckland to Christchurch on 26-04-2021 and following end of service maintenance was test flown on 24-05-2021.

The following day it departed Christchurch for Rarotonga on the 25th, moving on to Honolulu on the 26th and then to Los Angeles and Tuscon on the 27th on return to its leasor GA Telesis.

Brrrr on a frosty morning at Christchurch on 23-05-2021.

Its NZ registration was cancelled on 04-06-2021.

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