Wednesday 16 June 2021

From the Western grass at Christchurch 16th

A rather dull day on the Western Grass at Christchurch.

At Heli Maintenance the MacKenzie Helicopters Ltd's Hughes 369E ZK-IOB c/n 0252E was in for servicing. Tekapo based I believe. 
The Hanmer Springs based MD 369E ZK-HIB4 c/n 0319E of Bill Hales wearing Alpine Springs Helicopters titles also in for some attention.

Next door at Christchurch Helicopters 2001 Ltd it was Guimbal Cabri G2 day.
Below. ZK-HYI4  c/n 1178 showing its green stripe.
In a previous lifetime this was ZK-IMZ2.

ZK-IZM c/n 1085 was listed to Christchurch Helicopters on 18-03-2021 having been with the Burtscher's since new in 2015.

And a very long shot of ZK-IAF2 c/n 1159 trying to escape the camera. 
This is still listed with the Ototara Trust of Auckland.

And an even longer shot of the Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-941 9V-SMF c/n 054 arriving in from Singapore.
It wears script advising that it is the 10,000th Airbus built.

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