Sunday 27 June 2021

A Spectacular WACO YMF at Tauranga on 26-6-2021

A much anticipated aircraft was out at Tauranga yesterday for its first engine runs, being Marty Cantlon's spectacular WACO YMF ZK-YMF and all the usual suspects were there to chronicle the event:

In fact this WACO is not as old as may be thought, as it is a 2012 manufactured WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation model YMF-F5C (c/n F5C-8-129) with a 300 HP Jacobs R 755 radial engine.  It was registered N30AB in the US but it was damaged when it force landed in a lake and it was sold to Marty in a damaged condition.  Marty registered it as ZK-YMF on 15/4/21. 

The original WACO YMF biplane of 1934/35 is reckoned by many to be one of the finest open cockpit biplanes ever built (however Marty's other WACO biplane, the Taperwing must also be up there).  I look forward to seeing it with its cowling installed!

I also look forward to seeing it at Classic Fighters in September.

Thanks for the photos Warwick Hamilton and HMR.

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