Friday 4 June 2021

A ride in Savannah S ZK-SOX.

A lovely day at Rangiora today.
And being in the correct place at the correct time got me a seat in the ICP Savannah S ZK-SOX of the SOX Syndicate.
Warm up whilst waiting for the other traffic to clear.

Amberley out to the left.
And Amberley Beach Golf Course out to the right.
The object on the right is a “Sky Echo2” ADSB IN/OUT portable device. 
This is an electronic device that helps with situational awareness and displays traffic with ADSB on a tablet (AvPlan OZ runways etc).
An active screen shot below. 

Check out this link - may be slow loading.

                                              Now with the North Amberley Beach ahead.

Round the turn point of Motunau 

and heading back home to NZRT.
No E6B or Topo map in sight.

Still aviating at 31 knots.
Finals for 07 at Rangiora.
Many thanks David for a neat ride.

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