Friday 2 July 2021

Rotor Hawk Falcon 1 Gyro ZK-RPL at Stratford

On 10/6/21 a new autogyro was registered, being Pat Lee's Rotor Hawk Falcon 1 ZK-RPL (c/n RH-0057):

Pat Lee (I guess that is why the PL in the rego) has been working on his new machine at Stratford for quite a few months, and it is photo'd above by Nick Furmage back on 11/4/21.

I had thought that this was a new type of autogyro for New Zealand but a check showed that we have another one registered, being ZK-RDF (c/n RH-158), and I had photo'd it at Parakai back in February 2011. 

ZK-RDF is still current and is registered to C M Wilson of Nuhaka.

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