Thursday 15 July 2021

Autogyro MTO Sport ZK-RBE/2 at Tauranga

After a couple of years of few autogyro registrations there have been 3 registered this year, and I think at least another one is coming.  The Hairy Mole Rat photo'd this very recently registered Autogyro MTOSport at Tauranga today 15/7/21:

ZK-RBE2 (c/n MO1913) was registered on 12/7/21 to G K L Mcintosh of Gisborne.  I think it is a new aircraft and is a MTOSport Classic model but there is also an upgraded MTOSport 2017 model available.  The AutoGyro website claims more than 3,000 of their aircraft flying worldwide and in New Zealand we have 10 AutoGyro MTO Sport models plus 9 of the similar MT-03 Eagle models currently registered (as well as 8 Calidus and 9 Cavalon models).

Thanks for the photo HMR.

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