Monday 5 July 2021

Hamilton 5 July

A visit to a very foggy Hamilton Airport this morning was rewarded with the Phoenix Aviation Falco 750XL ZK-PNX3.   Phoenix has been acquired by Super Air with both PNX and Fu24-950 EGI transferring to Super Air ownership,  and Fu24s JSW and WLN cancelled as withdrawn in June 2021. Operations will continue at Gore under the Phoenix brand.

One of a number of former L3 Cessna 172S acquired by Oceania for refurbish and resale is ZK-CTV3.  All the L3 Diamond DA20s and DA42s have now left Hamilton with 9 of the DA20s going to L3's Doss Aviation operation in Colorado Springs,  and the remainder believed to have gone to Canada for refurbishment and resale.


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  1. and ex-Phoenix Walter Fletcher EMG has gone to Diesel Air NZ at Gore alongside diesel-powered Fletcher EUC