Sunday 11 July 2021

TEAM Tandem Airbike First Flight at Matamata Today 11-7-2021

Clint Kraidy's TEAM Tandem Airbike ZK-CKD2 made its first flight at Matamata aerodrome this morning in the hands of test pilot David Wilkinson (who was well suited up because it must have been pretty cold).  The details of this aircraft have previously been posted at:

The Hairy Mole Rat was there this morning and said it looked good in the air and flew well.

Thanks for the photos HMR.


  1. Was originally the rego of one of Feildairs Beavers.

  2. Thanks for your comment Weheka. You can search the blog - type in ZK-CKD in the search box at the top right and hit the little magnifying glass icon and it will take you to lots of posts on the original Beaver ZK-CKD (as well as ZK-CKD/2)

  3. Wasn’t technically the first flight.. Phil Hooker had done a few runway hops in it the week before

    Cheers David W