Tuesday 6 July 2021

Druine Turbulent ZK-CPI - a Long Time Gestation!

It has been a very long time since a new Druine Turbulent has been registered in New Zealand, but yesterday Max Murray registered his new Turbulent ZK-CPI (c/n PFA 1637):

You may well ask how come this is the first use of the registration ZK-CPI?  Well its roots go way back to July 1966 when this aircraft was first registered to John Snackers of Christchurch.  I used to read about it in AACA magazines back then and John got it nearly finished including as I remember a snazzy colour scheme.  But it never was quite finished and the registration was cancelled in April 1991.  Max Murray (who also built New Zealand's first Jodel D 9 ZK-CTW that has also recently risen from the grave), picked up the Turbulent somewhere along the way and bought it up to standard including a complete re-covering, and it was re-registered on 5/7/21.  Max looks to have made a lovely job - congratulations Max, and thanks for the photo.

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  1. I also recall seeing pictures of CPI in the AACA publication back in the 1970s. Although the images were in black and white it appeared to be painted in a light camouflage colour scheme and looked to be almost complete. I have often wondered what became of this aircraft. Now I have an answer.