Wednesday 21 July 2021

Christchurch today 21-07-2021

 A quick whiz along the eastern side of Christchurch International Airport this afternoon found these four aircraft .
Bombardier DHC-8-211 ZK-NEG c/n 621 arrived in Nelson from Canada on 02-05-2006, becoming ZK-NEG with Air Nelson Ltd on the 8th and was transferred over to ANZ on 19-09-2019. 
It carried out its first revenue flight from Nelson to Wellington on the 14th.
It is now parked forlornly in the corner

ATR-GIE ATR72-212A (600) ZK-MVQ c/n 1451 arrived in Christchurch on 12-09-2017 for Mount Cook Airlines Ltd and carried out its first revenue flight on the 24th from Christchurch to Napier.
It transferred over to ANZ Ltd on 10-12-2019.

Over on the 'Antarctic ramp' was the Lockheed LC-130H-LM 83-0493 c/n 382-5016.

And the MD/B C-17A Globemaster III 08-8194 c/n P-194 which arrived last Saturday.


  1. Can anyone provide an update on ZK-NEG? I understand it needs a (C?) check and it last flew a revenue flight in December 2020. It was then stored at Nelson awaiting its check but there were no staff available. In early June 2021 it did a test flight followed by a ferry flight to Christchurch. Hopefully it is simply waiting patiently in the queue for essential maintenance.

    1. It may be the one getting a new cockpit frame installed that was cracked