Sunday 6 December 2020

Thruster Gemini 503TC ZK-FOY.

 Lurking in the dark corner of the Canterbury Gliding Club hangar at Russell Flat is the Thruster Aircraft Thruster Gemini 503TC ZK-FOY c/n 086121/MAANZ/387.
This hit the register back on 09-09-1987 for George Taylor of Mossburn.
George sold it on to A Small of Rangiora from 12-12-1995 and has operated at least 14 more microlights since.
Cliff Brereton of Blenheim picked it up in October 1999 until selling it to Terry Delore of Christchurch in June of last year. Terry being very well known for his early involvement in the microlight scene and later in the gliding field.

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