Sunday 20 December 2020


 Pacific Aerospace 750XL with the constructors number 159 was registered as ZK-KAX on 12-08-2009 and first flew from  Hamilton on 03-09-2009 and gained its CofA on the 9th.

ZK-KAX was cancelled on 02-05-2011 to become P2-BWF with Central Aviation Services Pty Ltd of Mt Hagen, PNG from 25-05-2011 and it ferried out via Kaitaia for Norfolk Island on 05-06-2011.

It was photographed, above, at Mt Hagen by Westland 831 on 12-04-2018.

After its time in PNG it was ferried back to NZ reaching Hamilton from Kerikeri  on 03-02-2020 and was registered as ZK-DVE2 on 17-02-2020 to Infinite Ski Planes Ltd for deliver to Motueka on the 22nd.

Below a view of it at Hamilton before delivery to Motueka in February 2020

And below as seen today at Motueka thanks to Lord Nelson.

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