Sunday 13 December 2020

Springfield Soaring Championships 25th November - 5th December. # 4

Another Schempp-Hirth product is the Ventus-2cT ZK-GRY (c/n  95) as flown by Edwin Vrielink of Christchurch. This was imported new by Gary Wakefield in late 2002.

Above and below we see the HPH Glasflugel 394 eS Shark ZK-GST2 (c/n 079-MS) as flown by Peter Taylor. It joined our register new on 19-04-2018. The nose close up below shows the folded propeller blade for the 'front electric sustainer motor'.

Another above and below view. The Schleicher ASH 25 Mi ZK-GZF (c/n 25202) as driven  by Terry Delore. 
Above - unloading the wing slightly over the fence and trees on short final. Below - holding off with the wings holding the weight.

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