Thursday 3 December 2020

A Belworthy Bonanza at Cust!

When I was in Christchurch I called Evan Belworthy about possibly meeting up on the Saturday and he told me that he was hosting the Young Eagles from Canterbury Aero Club to show them the Belworthy aircraft at his hangar at Cust.  So Blue Bus and I headed out there:

The Young Eagles and older Eagles were very impressed.

The whole Belworthy fleet was out in the sun starting with their own design Figaro ZK-PURr

Then Evan and Penny's trusty Pietenpol Aircamper ZK-PRB

Next in line was Jodel D9 ZK-CVN which Evan rebuilt after it was damaged.

And then Clutton Tabernor Fred ZK-FRD

Then there was Evan's family runabout the Belworthy Moa ZK-MQA 

And the aircraft that started it all - Alan's Woody Pusher ZK-DUA, now more than 45 years old.

And finally the newest aircraft in the Belworthy collection, the Gere Sport ZK-EFZ2.

Evan told me that he flies all the aircraft in the collection.  Very impressive!  

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