Friday 11 December 2020

A Couple of Real Warbirds at Ardmore Today 11-12-2020

I managed a visit to Ardmore today as I fought through traffic.  I could not make it there for the NZ Warbirds Open day and I was keen to see progress on a couple of real warbirds at Pioneer Aero and Avspecs:

First up, at Pioneer Aero, the Curtis P40E Kittyhawk #41-13570 has made good progress since I last saw it in June 2020.  It looks like it is not far off, and I understand it will be going to an owner in Italy.

Then at Avspecs the Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk XVI TB252/ ZK-NLJ is possibly closer to flying than the Kittyhawk.  The identification marks are NL-J and hence the registration.  I got there just in time as it was just being masked for a small spray job, hence the plastic covering the engine.  Warren Denholm told me that it would be outside in the afternoon but I could not stay.

Note the very shiny canopy on the left.

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