Tuesday 9 June 2020

Wanaka back on Friday the 5th

A really good catch by CMM at Wanaka on Friday was this Eurocopter AS 350 BB Squirrel HT-1 G-BXHB c/n 2993. Interestingly it carries its ex dual UK military identity of ZJ262 on the instrument panel.
Briefly - this was built in 1997 for the UK military Defence Helicopter Flying School and operated by civil contractors. 
You can still see the 'Cobham' name on the yellow engine cowl.
Its Uk civil registration was cancelled on 25-04-2018 and it became briefly N53DH with (I think) Dalks Leasing of Wilmington Delaware. 
Its US registration being cancelled on 04-05-2018.

Above we have the Aerospool Dynamic WT9 ZK-ZOW (c/n DY038/2003) which has been with the M & K Blomfield Family Trust of Otautau since late 2014.
Back in 2003 it started life as OM-AERO before coming to NZ to become ZK-DYN2 for Drake Aviation Ltd on 21-01-2004.
Interestingly the Cessna A185F ZK-WBL (c/n 18503177) was also a Drake Aviation import. 
It came in from Sweden where it had been SE-IRI and became ZK-JNH from 15-09-2008.
It has been with the Anderson Family Trust of Queenstown since 06-12-2019.

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  1. I noted last year that in the hangar behind AS 350 G-BXHB, there was also a sister ship, G-BXJN.